Unleash the Power of Predictive Analytics to Mitigate Risk and Fraud

Organizations of all types can be targets for both opportunistic and organized fraud. The costs of fraudulent transactions to businesses can be substantial, so stopping fraud early is paramount to managing costs and remaining profitable.

Manually examining every transaction for potential fraud is impractical for most companies given the high volume of transactions and extensive time and resources that requires. A predictive-analytics based fraud detection solution can automate transaction processing and dramatically reduce fraud costs by using all the data you collect about your customers to: recommend the best method of handling each interaction, settle valid and non-risky transactions faster; and use your investigative resources more efficiently and cost effectively.

Join IBM and Premier IBM business partner QueBIT for a look at the widespread problem of fraud, and how predictive modeling can significantly improve your fraud detection capabilities-including a real-world example of how IBM SPSS technology enabled a leading insurance company to identify more than $25M in opportunistic and organized fraud in its claims base.

Sponsor: IBM Corporation