Big Data Done Right

Spurred by the latest news stories and analyst reports, many IT professionals are scrambling to come up with a big data strategy - and with good reason. Big data is not just exotic technology for the Google's, Facebook's, and LinkedIn's of the world - it is now commercially available and cost-effective for organizations of all sizes. But where to start?

View this on-demand webcast to learn how to reap the benefits of big data through a practical unified architecture; how to improve performance with in-memory technology; and how to lower costs and increase scalability through cloud computing. Additionally, you will receive information on:

* The real issues in big data you need to be worried about - not just data volumes
* If new technology approaches like in-memory or cloud are right for you
* Practical approaches to get started in defining big data strategy, architecture, and quick-win projects to show business value and ROI

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