IDC Report: Increasing IT Infrastructure Performance in Midsized Firms Through Virtualization and Consolidation: Key Steps for Success

Midsized firms - those with about 100 to 1,000 or even 2,000 employees - are under more competitive pressure than ever before. Independent of the region or industry in which a firm operates, the economic environment has become ever more challenging, which makes improvements in operating efficiencies all the more important. Your traditional competitors are being joined by both larger and smaller companies looking to lure away your current customers and prospects - and at the same time, those customers are becoming more demanding about the performance needed to win their business. Sharpening business operations is a key step toward improving efficiency, but just increasing your investment in advanced technology to streamline things will not guarantee continued success. Efficiency provides more than just cost savings; it sets the stage for agility and the ability to respond to both opportunity and change that are essential for business success.

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