Server Security: What Organizations Need to Know

Date: Thursday, November 15, 2012 at 2PM EST

In the wake of the numerous server data breaches reported in 2012, it is clear that servers are the target of advanced threats. While organizations are diligently working to secure valuable data within their network environments, IT and Security professionals continue to improperly focus their server security efforts on signature-based, blacklisting, HIPS, and other endpoint solutions that are not capable of coping with the advanced threats that are impacting companies today.

Join Ben Ramirez, Industry Analyst of Frost & Sullivan as he uncovers the unique challenges in securing a server environment and recommends the adoption of trust-based security solutions. Join this webinar and learn:

- About the types of data cybercriminals are targeting
- Why domain controllers are the keys to the kingdom for cybercriminals and how to protect them
- How to better protect virtualized and BYOD environments
- How trust based security solutions can better ensure the security of your servers by allowing trusted software to run and nothing else

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