Live Webcast - Application Control: An Essential Tool to Combat Malicious Software

Live Webcast: Wednesday, February 6, 2013 at 2PM EST

Join guest speaker Chenxi Wang, Ph.D., vice president, principal analyst at Forrester Research, Inc., to learn why traditional antivirus techniques are fighting a losing battle against today's increasingly sophisticated malware threat landscape, and how application control is now an essential tool to combat malicious software.

Attend this webcast hosted by Bit9 and you will learn:

- Why attackers are able to penetrate user endpoints with new malware that eludes detection by traditional signature-based antivirus products.
- How a positive security model can be a powerful tool when faced with a rapidly changing threat landscape.
- How together with intelligent patch management, application control significantly reduces the endpoint attack surface.
- Why application control is more effective than relying on a blacklist-only approach such as antivirus.

Sponsor: Bit9, Inc