Elastic Caching for a Smarter Planet - Make Every Transaction Count

Social Media, mobile devices and new innovative infrastructures mean that more data is being used to serve end-users more than ever before. Enterprise customers must act quickly on data stored across their enterprise. IBM Elastic Caching solutions provide the best opportunity for improving your end-users experience in consuming application data. Every business, of every size, in every Industry needs an effective data caching solution. The industry has moved beyond the bottleneck of CPU processing and must address the growing data bottleneck problems which prevent predictable and cost-effective scalability that directly impacts the performance and throughput of every data-intensive application.

IBM Elastic Caching solutions WebSphere eXtreme Scale and the DataPower XC10 Appliance solve these problems better than the competition. Learn how IBM Elastic Caching solutions have evolved to eliminate enterprise data bottlenecks by elastically distributing data among many resources and allowing applications to efficiently access needed data quickly. We beat our competition by not only allowing our customers flexibility to create mission-critical applications that achieve predictable, scalable performance and high availability, but also extending and integrating IBM Elastic Caching into many IBM products covering Retail/Commerce solutions, Mobile Devices, Content Management, Business Rule Management, ESBs, Messaging and more.

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