Silk Mobile™: Testing that keeps pace with the explosive growth of mobile apps

As smartphone adoption and usage grows, so does the development and proliferation of mobile apps that can run on those devices. As with any emerging technology, developing and implementing mobile applications poses a number of unique challenges which must be thoroughly tested prior to release, or else risk business failure.

Borland's new solution, Silk Mobile™, solves these challenges by providing an easy to use, comprehensive approach to functional testing of real mobile devices. With strong native, image, and text based recognition, Silk Mobile ensures that you can build robust, repeatable, and maintainable test suites. In addition, when using Silk Mobile, there's no need to modify the device. Testers don't have to jailbreak or root the device in order to use the product, therefore delivering mobile device testing you can trust.

Sponsor: Borland, A Micro Focus Company