Online File Sharing in the Enterprise

Consumerization and mobility are driving a shift in how we need to enable file sharing and collaboration. End users no longer rely on a single laptop or desktop, the typical end user has 3 or more end point devices and wants to use all of them to access and share their files. Many users are bringing "rogue" consumer solutions into the enterprise, creating a security risk. This trend is driving the fast growing online file sharing and collaboration market where well known and exceptionally easy to use consumer solutions are vying for a place in business with solutions designed from the ground up for enterprise use.

There are a broad spectrum of solutions on the market today, ranging from cloud-based services to enterprise software that allows IT to create a private cloud as well as hybrid approaches that leverage both local, on-premises storage and cloud services. Administration and security features vary widely, as does ease of use for end users. Understanding this spectrum is core to making an educated investment in a solution.

This webinar will provide an overview of the emerging online file sharing and collaboration market, why you need to pay attention to it today, and considerations for deployment.

Sponsor: Egnyte