BYOD and Beyond-Unify Visibility and Control of Wired and WLAN Networks: HP Brochure

A key concern for IT is how it can effectively secure and manage the network and application access for personally owned devices. User-owned devices cannot easily be identified, and therefore managed by your IT department. When employees, customers or visitors bring in their own devices, IT loses control because it does not know where the device has been, what applications the user has downloaded, or what device has been introduced into the network. Beyond that, the health of the device is unknown, which creates a big risk when the mobile device connects to your enterprise business network and accesses vital applications and information.

With HP Intelligent Management Center you can move beyond BYOD access to efficiently manage your entire converged network infrastructure, secure personally owned devices and monitor BYOD traffic. You can enjoy ease of deployment, low operational costs, strong and consistent security. Simplified NAC allows you to easily and securely support employees', partners', and guests' tablets, notebooks, smartphones, and other mobile devices on your campus network while holding the line on operational expenses. With HP, mobility is based on open standards, is simple to deploy and easy to manage.

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