5 Ways to Keep the Heart of Your IT Beating Strong in 2013

The data center is the heart of your IT. Are you doing everything you can to keep it healthy? Just as quitting smoking and increasing physical activity reduces the risk of heart disease, building a solid health plan is absolutely essential for curing IT performance issues.

Riverbed recently asked IDC to survey IT executives across the world to share their 2013 IT agenda. The study reveals that consolidating data centers, increasing quality of user experience, and boosting visibility into service path are of the upmost importance.

Join Justyna Bak, Solutions Marketing Manager at Riverbed Technology, as she discusses study findings and methods for transforming your data center into a vibrant, healthy business enabler. You'll learn how to:

- Deliver fast applications to end-users
- Consolidate branch office infrastructure
- Protect data
- Reduce the number of data centers
- Manage network and application performance

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