An Interactive eGuide: DDoS Attacks

In today's world, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on organizations are becoming more prevalent. The number of attacks are increasingly annually with no end in sight, and the damage these attacks inflict grows more severe. Because these attacks essentially disconnect an organization from the Internet, the after affects can be ruinous, particularly if these attacks are staged to cover other malevolent acts going on in the background. Who should be concerned? Any organization with a website and/or Internet-based service.

There are steps enterprises can take beforehand to help prevent a DDoS attack, as well as to recover from an event in a way that minimizes the damage and pain, however. Here, Computerworld sister publications CIO, CSO, Network World and IT World explain why DDoS attacks are becoming a serious threat, what kind of protection enterprises should put in place, and how to prepare themselves to respond if an attack should happen.

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