Security Overview Websense ACE (Advanced Classification Engine)

Those wishing to understand why no one stops more threats than Websense can do no better than begin with a review of the Websense ACE (Advanced Classification Engine) technology. Our web, email, data, mobile, cloud and forensic security solutions all rely upon ACE to optimize their defensive capabilities. ACE unites seven key defense assessment areas including real-time security classification (e.g., active web page scripts), real-time content classification (e.g., category, language, link analysis), real-time data classification (e.g., password files, criminal encrypted uploads, drip DLP), multiple anti-malware engines, URL classifications, contextual reputation analysis, and antispam/ spear-phishing. This document outlines these key ACE defense assessment areas and discusses how ACE constantly evolves to keep pace with an expanding, adaptive threat landscape in today's increasingly mobile, in-the-cloud and social world.

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