CIO Strategies for Storage: Modernize Data Protection Practices

Traditional approaches to data protection are no longer enough. A strategy that thoughtfully augments your legacy infrastructure with modern data protection approaches can help reduce complexity, slash costs, and minimize risk of loss - while accelerating your organization's time to value.

This document focuses on augmenting your data protection strategy by combining Dell Storage solutions with a modern approach. Some of the features included in a modernized approach to data protection include:

-Data reduction - Shrink backup storage requirements by 80% or more
-Space efficient snapshots, image-level backup - Achieve low-impact, near instant recovery to any RTO
-Remote replication - Ensure business continuity during system or site outages
-Continuous Data Protection (CDP) - Meet mission-critical high-availability requirements
-Database-and application-awareness - Ease administration and ensure consistent recovery
-Virtualization aware - Streamline and accelerate protection of virtual environments
-Private/public cloud enabled - Access cloud-based resources as destination targets

Sponsor: Dell Inc.