Make Backups Reliable, Available, and Secure

Does your backup system feel about as modern as the 8-track stereo sitting in your garage? Is it just as reliable? Maybe it's time to bring your backup and recovery system into the 21st century. Recent surveys have shown that almost half of today's data centers are using the same backup system architecture that was all the rage 20 years ago. The other half, of course, are using disk in some fashion. This Deep Dive will explain the evolving role of both disk and tape, as well as how they can work together to bring you the best of both worlds. We'll start with D2D2T (disk-to-disk-to-tape) strategies and then cover deduplication, continuous data protection, and near-continuous data protection. Finally, you'll see how each of these technologies can be used to meet the particular recovery needs of different types of environments.

Sponsor: Quantum Corporation