Proof that Smarter Government is also Better Government

You're faced with lower revenues, but higher citizen expectations. You have new regulatory requirements for speed and transparency, but you have the same slow and murky reporting processes. You need budgeting that's efficient and accurate, but you still use spreadsheets.

If these scenarios are familiar, don't miss this videocast.

You'll have a rare opportunity to hear from your peers and IBM experts about the power of business analytics to make your budgeting and finance processes as fast, accurate and transparent as you need them to be.

In a moderated discussion, our panel of experts will share agency strategies for using analytics to improve:

- Revenue and expense management -- to better predict tax revenue, prevent fraud, and guard against improper payments
- Budget planning and execution -- to better understand the factors that impact budgets
- Reporting, compliance and risk -- to make risk-aware decisions and meet regulatory requirements

Discover how state and local agencies are meeting mission goals and improving citizen services though smarter finance and budgeting.

Sponsor: IBM Corporation