Build and Deliver: Applying Best Practice DevOps for Mission Success

Joe User has a great idea for a new application that could help him and other agency users do their jobs better and faster. How can Joe's agency take this vision and transform it into a real working app that will move the agency mission forward?

CA can help Joe's agency deliver and sustain new capabilities to field users by providing efficiencies across the full application lifecycle, including 1) capturing and prioritizing user ideas and allocating resources to build or buy; 2) simplifying application development and testing processes to shift project timelines left and deliver new software faster, with higher quality, and at lower cost; 3) streamlining the migration of new code from dev/test into production environments, and 4) managing the cost, quality, and performance of the production services delivered to agency end users. With CA, Joe's agency can lower the costs of end-to-end service delivery while helping ensure that end users have the best tools available-traditional, web, or mobile-to achieve mission goals.

Sponsor: CA Technologies