Vblock™ Helps Eclipse Aerospace Resurrect Intellectual Property

In 2009, Eclipse Aerospace acquired the assets of the former maker of the EA500 twin-engine jet. In doing so, it inherited the opportunity to enhance the design and capabilities for owners of the 260 EA500 jets in service -- as well as to grow the fleet by introducing new models with significant innovations in many of the jet's aircraft systems.

But the challenges that Eclipse Aerospace faced were daunting. Years of advanced design and manufacturing know-how were sitting in a rapidly deteriorating IT infrastructure spread across the former company's 3 computer rooms.

To "lifeboat" everything from the jet's design and enterprise-class engineering applications to critical CRM tools -- and provide reliable backup and scalability going forward Eclipse Aerospace created an agile, easy-to-maintain virtualized environment running on Vblock™ Systems from VCE.

Sponsor: VCE