Working with the Business: Getting Past the Geek/Non-Geek Conflict

User expectations have never been higher. They need a lot from enterprise IT and expect working with their technical support team to be as easy as downloading a 99 cent app to their iPhone. Yet, enterprise IT is still responsible for data security, regulatory compliance and tech support for thousands of users.
How well IT (geeks) and employees (non-geeks) work together determines whether the IT department is seen as go-to geeks or an obstacle to be avoided. But, geeks and non-geeks see the world very differently, and the resulting disconnects make it hard to work together. Like it or not, this geek/non-geek dynamic is critical to the success of an IT consumerization/BYOD strategy.
In this on-demand webinar with Paul Glen, author of "Leading Geeks," you'll learn how the problems of working together stem from deep differences in worldview. But together, your organization can succeed with Apple-ization (faster and with less pain.)

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