Attract, Empower, and Motivate Employees to Build a Smarter Workforce

Today's changing workforce dynamics, economic challenges, and technological advances are placing immense pressure on business leaders to turn their focus on people - their most valuable asset - in order to remain competitive.

The context of work is changing dramatically and companies are struggling to adapt to the change. In contrast, organizations that engage their people and empower them with social technology and analytics benefit from significant competitive differentiation and market leadership. Through open discussion, our panel of experts tackle some of the challenges and complexities that businesses face as they attract and engage individuals that are the right fit for their unique culture, recognize talent, and unleash collaboration with smarter workforce solutions.

Watch this webcast to learn about:
-Hiring to your unique cultural fit
-Onboarding new employees -- so they stay
-Sharing and locating collective knowledge to empower employees
-A Smarter Workforce in action with real-life examples

Sponsor: IBM