Creating a Smarter Workforce for Market Leadership

With today's changing workforce dynamics and economic challenges, business leaders are turning their focus to their most valuable asset -- their people. Organizations who engage and motivate their people can achieve significant competitive differentiation and market leadership.

With a smarter workforce, your company can drive innovation to bring great products and services to market faster, resolve problems before they arise to improve customer satisfaction, and deepen sales relationships with new and loyal customers who routinely come back for more.

-Learn how to quickly and easily identify the right people for the right jobs at precisely the right time.
-Hear how personalized and social experiences can help activate your workforce to improve teamwork, unleash innovation and engage customers.
-Discover how to build a framework to empower a vibrant workforce that delivers better business outcomes for competitive advantage-in the office, on the road or anywhere work takes them.

IBM executives, clients and industry experts will discuss how leading companies are building a smarter workforce and why it is key to an organization's growth and competitiveness. A Smarter Workforce is a Social Workforce.

Sponsor: IBM