The Promise & Challenge of Big Data: HBR paper

Big data clearly has the attention of the C-suite - and research shows that 85% of senior executives expect to gain substantial business and IT benefits from big data initiatives. Yet these high expectations go hand-in-hand with concerns about new technologies, capabilities gaps, and a cultural shift in how organizations approach decision making. This Harvard Business Review Insight Center report is a compilation of 26 short articles -- only a page each -- from industry experts and thought leaders versed on the promises and challenges of big data. Some of the story titles include:
*Big Data's Human Component
*Will Big Data Kill All but the Biggest Retailers?
*Predicting Customers' (Unedited) Behavior
*Can You Live Without a Data Scientist?
*To Succeed with Big Data, Start Small
*What Should You Tell Customers about How You're Using Data?"

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