Solving Substantiation with SAML

Today's applications may run behind the firewall on the LAN/corporate data center, as a hosted service or streamed and can be delivered from external cloud-based networks. Additionally, today's workforce is highly distributed; using a multitude of different access devices, yet organizations must provide access to critical corporate resources in a variety of ways. As a result, implementing enterprise wide single sign-on can be a challenge, especially when spanning multiple security domains and distributed resource portals including, Cloud services, partner web portals and others that may each require different digital proof of identity. Read this paper to learn how F5 uses SAML to effectively enable secure web domains to exchange user authentication and authorization data, providing users of web browsers with single sign-on (SSO) convenience they need. With SAML you can enhance the employee's online experience by ensuring SSO for all applications and potentially reduce password-related tickets at the help desk.

Sponsor: F5 Networks