Delivering OLTP Database Technology Aimed at Optimal Business Outcomes: IBM PureData for Transactions

This IDC white paper considers the daunting complexity of managing a modern datacenter, including the staff time drain involved, and how each new system increases this complexity and decreases the efficiency of the datacenter overall. It then considers how each transactional database must be individually provisioned and tuned -- critical challenges given the context of the datacenter overall.

This white paper shows how integrated systems represent a meaningful approach to address these problems by greatly simplifying configuration issues, reducing the staff time required to set up and maintain databases that are managed in this way. This, in turn, enables better, more finely directed use of the technology to address specific business issues without requiring either an extreme degree of technical expertise or the usual trial-and-error method of configuring and tuning databases. It also describes how IBM's PureData System for Transactions not only delivers these benefits but takes them to the next level with IBM's application of patterns.

Sponsor: IBM Corporation