IBM Infosphere Streams: Redefining Real Time Analytics

Moore's Law, which describes the long term trend of doubling computing power every two years, powers two separate technology waves. Multicore chips used in servers continue to accelerate the performance in servers. Embedded chips in sensor devices, smart phones and tablets are doubling the volume of data every two years. These two technology trends make it harder for developers to deliver business solutions. They can't keep up with data volumes. They can't easily make use of multiple cores with multithreading (the so called many core challenge). Yet, global competition drives organizations to seek greater agility for operations and decision making. In the face of exploding data volumes and shrinking decision windows, these organizations are struggling to make 'truly' real time decisions and gain competitive advantage. Existing tools and technologies that aid decision making by the Line of Business first require data to be recorded on a storage device and run analytic queries after the fact to detect actionable insights. Savvy businesses are fast realizing that the time lost in this process leads to missed opportunities that might be the difference between success and failure. InfoSphere Streams addresses this gap effectively by providing developer tools and execution platforms that can detect insights from real time data streams, before data are saved into databases.

Sponsor: IBM Corporation