The State of the Web Conferencing Market

Businesses today are experiencing landmark shifts. The emergence of mobile, social, and virtual communications is disrupting the status quo to create more distributed and real-time work environments. As a result, user demand for collaborative tools such as Web conferencing is growing exponentially. The adoption of Web conferencing is triggered by three key drivers that are profoundly altering the business landscape:

- The ongoing workplace transformation, consumerization, and need for flexible work styles;
- The rapid pace of technology change and speed of innovation among businesses; and
- The imperative to improve productivity.

Bring-Your-Own-App (BYOA) is leading to a proliferation of user-driven applications. IT and business leaders must have a clear-cut vision and roadmap to enable more effective collaboration or users will get a multitude of their choice of tools anyway. Read this Frost & Sullivan report to learn more.

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