R20: SQL-on-Hadoop Engines Explained

As you know, Hadoop is an ideal platform for storing and managing big data. Unfortunately, Hadoop APIs are complex and require a lot of technical expertise. What's needed is a programming interface that retains Hadoop's performance and scalability, is easy to maintain, known to non-technical users, and can be used by a variety of existing reporting and analytical tools. The obvious choice? SQL on Hadoop -- a SQL query engine that can query and manipulate big data stored in Hadoop. Read this whitepaper to learn:
- How Hadoop meets the requirements for big data systems
- What SQL-on-Hadoop engines are and why there's a need for them
- Technological challenges of SQL-on-Hadoop
- Use cases of SQL-on-Hadoop
- Details about Apache Drill, the SQL-on-Hadoop engine that supports HDFS and HBase access
- The importance of having one data management platform that supports all use cases

Sponsor: MapR Technologies