DNS Shield Network: Reengineering the Internet

The most common software application used to manage DNS is BIND, or Berkeley Internet Name Domain. Developed at the University of California at Berkeley in 1983, BIND still accounts for the vast majority of global name server implementations. Over the years, BIND has undergone a number of changes, with major revisions taking the code base from BIND version 4 to BIND version 8, and currently BIND version 9. But in terms of security, BIND is nothing more than attempting to apply a piece of gauze to a substantial wound. In fact, BIND is one of the all-time most common programs to be identified in the global notification system of vulnerabilities, known as CVE or Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures.

And since it's the first step in the process of device-to-device communication, DNS often serves as an easy point of attack.

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